Chris Harris – 911 Carrera S vs Corvette Stingray

It is not often you get to see Chris Harris get behind the wheel of a properly sorted American car and throwing it against a rear-engined German rival. And according to him, the Corvette Stingray is ‘Brilliant Fun!” and offers high value compared to the more expensive Porsche. But knowing Harris, he’d still pick the 911.

I love both cars to their cores though. Both of them have more than 40 years of heritage and each have different ways of going about a corner. The Corvette requires you to be judicious in throttle application whereas the 911 requires you to be careful in weight transition. But at the end of the day, the 911 will always feel more natural to drive due to its weight being mostly behind the rear-axle…….but its optional extras itself costs as much as the Corvette! Ahem.

Solution? Make a reasonably priced rear-engined Corvette!


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