Chris Harris – The Game Changing McLaren P1.

A short while ago, Chris Harris was quite astounded by the Porsche 918, talking about how well the petrol engine and electric motors are beautifully synced and well calibrated for a Hybrid supercar. But then he starts spanking the new McLaren P1 around Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina circuit which pretty much left him breathless.

So from what Chris Harris, Steve Sutcliffe and Jeremy Clarkson’s faces had to say, it was evident that the P1 performed on a completely different league from the 918. Although it does look close on paper.

The P1’s twin turbo 3.8 V8 produces 737 hp and 531 ft-lb, and the electric motors alone adds 179 hp and 192 ft-lb. This would make the total combined output of 916 hp and 723 ft-lb, 29 more horsepower than the Porsche but 217 less torque than the Porsche. The P1’s curb weight is 1450 kg whereas the 918 weighs 1700 kg. Power delivery is different though, with the P1’s power going only to the back wheels whereas the 918’s power is distributed to 4 wheels. But before you think the 918 has traction advantage due to its AWD system, the P1 generates a massive 600 kgs of downforce at the rear in full race mode.

If you would like to see the P1 and 918 battle it out, then I suggest you stay tuned for next week’s Top Gear episode.

So when is the the The Ferrari coming?….. sorry I meant the La Ferrari.


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